Volume Profile Indicator
A unique NINJA TRADER Volume / Price based support and resistance Indicator that clearly shows what price and Volume levelSupport or resistance is encountered.A true real time indicator measuring distinct Volume/Price Levels that are used to determine exhaustion Price levels. Along with the other indicators makes trading any market Like reading a book.


The Volume Profile Indicator is a unique NINJA TRADER volume and price-based support and resistance indicator. It clearly shows what price support and resistance or volume level support and resistance is encountered for any asset. It is a true, real-time indicator that measures volume and price levels to determine accurate exhaustion price levels. If you only choose one indicator from our selection of indicators, this should be the one.


Volume Trend Originator will pinpoint the exact locations you need to pay attention to with a yellow triangle.  The triangle indicates a support or resistance location that is volume supported as well.


Volume data, support and resistance levels and sentiment are all important principles in trading.

Is the asset thinly traded?

What is the liquidity of the asset?

Is stock volume rising or slowing?

What is the current resistance level of the asset?

Is the current price near the support level or close to resistance levels?

How is sentiment likely to affect the assets price, margins, movement?


You don’t have to assess any of these principles on your own, using up your valuable time.  The Volume Trend Originator will do all of that for you and give you a clear, visual indicator to let you decide when it’s time to move on an asset.


This is a great addition to your Ninja Trader trading tools and is good for ES, crude oil, bonds, NASDQ and Forex trading.


It is designed to work on top of each of our products in the NINJA TRADER program. Along with other indicators offered by Beyond the Breakers Trading, this indicator helps make trading in any market, from futures trading to treasuries to NASDAQ trading as easy as reading a book.

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