Package of Seven Indicators
A great value and the complete set of highly accurate indicators for the advanced trader in today’s trading markets.


 Package of Seven Indicators   

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Get all seven of our indicators for a great value. You receive a complete, highly accurate set of indicators for the advanced trader in all of today’s trading markets.

The volume trend originator combines three accurate trading principles into one standalone indicator. Using volume data, current price support and resistance levels, price sentiment in tick volume (buying and selling), these three principles are coordinated in a clearly defined indicator.
The Volume Profile Indicator is a unique NINJA TRADER volume and price-based support and resistance indicator. It clearly shows what price support and resistance or volume level support and resistance is encountered for any asset.
This is a great trend direction locator for NINJA TRADER for any market or time frame. With the Filtered Wave Channel indicator on, you will be able to locate market direction quickly.
This trend confirmation signal uses each bar to signal whether there is an up or down change in any bar type. It works across all timeframes and bar types, keeping you on trend and avoiding the whipsaws that can happen in highly fluctuating and volatile markets.
This is a dynamic indicator that tracks real time price variations to determine support and resistance levels. These are generated daily for the most accurate price targets and measure both overbuy and oversell levels across any market.
This is a very accurate NINJA TRADER divergence indicator that is used to locate the precise bottoms and tops in any market.
The Multi Sentiment Zones 5.0 indicator is an advanced multi-data sentiment indicator that shows clear zones of overbuy and oversell using hyphenated vertical blue and red lines on your trading cart.