Support And Resistance Levels
A dynamic price deviations action support and resistance levels generated daily for the most
accurate price targets on a daily basis. Measuring both overbought and oversold levels on all markets.
A excellent tool for knowing the exact levels on a deviation based formula.


This is a dynamic indicator that tracks real time price variations to determine support and resistance levels. These are generated daily for the most accurate price targets and measure both overbought and oversold levels across any market.


Support and resistance levels and sentiment are all important principles in trading.


What is the current resistance level of the asset?

Is the current price near the support level or close to resistance levels?

How is sentiment likely to affect the asset’s price, margins, and movement?


You don’t have to assess any of these principles on your own, using up your valuable time. The Support and Resistance levels will inform you of this. It will give you a clear, visual indicator to let you decide when it’s time to move on an asset.


This is an excellent tool for the NINJA TRADER system, allowing you to discern accurate support and resistance levels for any asset you are following. This is a great tool for ES, crude oil, bonds, NASDQ trading and Forex trading. 

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